No Shame — Hillary Clinton Promotes Her Own Scandals to Get Back at Trump

No Shame — Hillary Clinton Promotes Her Own Scandals to Get Back at Trump

( – The 2016 presidential election was a rollercoaster ride, to say the least. Then-presidential candidates Hillary Clinton (D) and Donald Trump (R) attacked each other viciously. Then, Trump drew attention to a scandal that Clinton deleted emails containing crucial information. Now, the former first lady is trying to get back at Trump.

The former president is currently under scrutiny for allegedly ripping up and destroying documents, which is a violation of the Presidential Records Act. Amid Trump’s apparent scandal, Clinton is on the attack, promoting the disgrace that plagued her campaign to get revenge on Trump.

The former first lady is selling coffee mugs and other items with the phrase “but her emails,” an obvious reference to the emails she supposedly deleted. Clinton mentioned that all proceeds from the items would go to progressive causes, which she says aim to build a better America.

The slogan is trolling Trump and his supporters, who attacked Clinton during the 2016 presidential election for her alleged actions, only to accuse Trump of doing something similar. Does Clinton really have no shame, or is she just desperate to get back at the man who beat her to the White House? Hard to say whether this is actually helping her image or not. As long as she believes it’s working, that’s what matters.

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