Nonprofit Organization Erases Medical Debt for Millions

Nonprofit Organization Erases Medical Debt for Millions

This Nonprofit Group Saved MILLIONS From Financial Ruin

( – Many people avoid seeking medical help because they can’t afford it and don’t want the debt. Even so, avoiding the doctor isn’t always an option. There is still hope. Groups are available to help people with outstanding health-related expenses. Take one non-profit organization that just lifted the burden for millions of Americans, for example.

RIP Medical Debt, the non-profit responsible for erasing the medical expenses of 3.9 million people, was ironically modeled by two former debt collectors, Jerry Ashton and Craig Antico. The organization’s website explains that it buys medical obligations “in bundles” worth “millions” and at a “fraction” of the “original” cost.

RIP Medical Debt has paid around $7 billion to alleviate people’s worries. The organization makes this possible through donations, claiming that every $1 goes toward paying off $100 of money owed. The non-profit explained that people would receive letters informing them their bills had been paid and assuring them they wouldn’t have to worry about penalties or tax consequences. They were simply free of that burden.

National Public Radio mentioned that the group picks individuals’ debts at random but limits who can receive the donations. Initially, the non-profit reserved the gesture for people making no more than twice the poverty level. Given the current economic circumstances, RIP Medical Debt recently doubled that threshold.

While it’s certainly nice to know there are places offering relief, what they do wouldn’t be possible without the help of the American people’s generosity. Their donations fund this effort and help those struggling with medical debt.

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