North Dakota Keeps Strict Abortion Ban?!

( – With the overturning of Roe v Wade, many states have been left with plenty to deliberate on as they put in place their particular abortion laws. With this, we’ve seen a lot of controversy around North Dakota’s ruling to place a strict ban on abortions within their state.

Just recently a judge denied the request to block the state’s strict abortion ban. The challenge was presented by plaintiffs who were looking to stop the ban considering circumstances in which the pregnant woman’s life was in jeopardy and an abortion would be necessary to save her. The judge issued a ruling saying that they would not block the state’s ban, but that this is not a full decision just yet and they are still negotiating.

The Center for Reproductive Rights put out a statement saying, “The Center for Reproductive Rights filed the challenge in 2023, arguing that the strict exceptions in the ban are too narrow and violate the state constitution. The Court’s denial of the injunction is based on the injunctive relief sought and is not a ruling that the ban is constitutional or consistent with pregnant people’s rights or wellbeing.”

Plaintiffs say that they are of course disappointed by the ruling but that the fight is not over as the judge did not get to hear “the constitutional questions at the heart of this case” and that they will continue to show the court how this can be harmful to those carrying babies.

North Dakota’s current ban on abortion is one of the more severe cases of limitations to abortion in the United States right now. The ban makes aiding or performing an abortion a C-class felony which can lead to a 5-year prison sentence and/or a $10,000 fine. The abortion ban does not include any exemptions except for saving the life of a mother, but plaintiffs argue that acquiring care is still limited under the ban.

The lawsuit argues that the current exemption is too narrow and not broad enough for different medical situations that may happen that would prompt an abortion. “While the amended abortion ban has an exception for health, the exception is too narrow to allow pregnant people to access care in situations where their health is at risk,” they said.

Many of the arguments share that women who are in danger due to their pregnancy would have to travel out of state to get an abortion to ensure their safety and this is a large part of their argument.

We can expect to hear more on this case as they revisit the courtroom to get through the rest of an official ruling on the abortion ban.

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