North Korea Chooses to Ignore Joe Biden in Power Play Move

North Korea Chooses to Ignore Joe Biden in Power Play Move

( – Tensions in East Asia have remained high over the past year as North Korea further developed its nuclear missile program using money allegedly stolen by cyber hacks in 2020. But, as US Diplomats prepare to travel across the world to help quell fears over this, reports show that North Korea is ignoring all attempts by the Biden administration to make contact.

On Saturday, March 13, a senior official from the Biden administration told Reuters that the US has been trying to speak with North Korea since mid-February. Thus far, no contact has been made, including with Pyongyang’s United Nations delegate and through a so-called “New York channel.”

The New York Post shared its interpretation of the situation:

This lack of communication occurs as Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin are set to visit South Korea and Japan this week. Additionally, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan will meet with Chinese officials in Alaska on Thursday. While the Biden administration hopes to bring stability to the region through diplomacy, North Korea’s power move to ignore communication with us does not bode well for the diplomatic talks Biden’s cabinet members must face this week.

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