North Korea Claims to Have Tested NUCLEAR Drone Underwater

( – North Korea recently put out a statement claiming that they tested a Nuclear underwater drone capable of destroying naval vessels and ports.

The North Korean military said that they were conducting the test in their eastern waters and that it was a response to the naval drills that have recently been done by the United States, South Korea, and Japan.

This drone is the first of many unique weapons systems that North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, plans to test. North Korean Defense Attorney stated, “Our army’s underwater nuke-based countering posture is being further rounded off and its various maritime and underwater responsive actions will continue to deter the hostile military maneuvers of the navies of the U.S. and its allies.”

Kim Jong Un and the North Korean military are known to have an interest in nuclear armament and have been actively testing nuclear weapons; something that many other countries frown upon.

He also continued to warn the United States and said that America’s “reckless acts” threatening North Korean security would cause problems. They continued to say they “sternly warn them of the catastrophic consequences to be entailed by them.”

Tensions are high with North Korea as they just recently acknowledged South Korea as their “foe”. Kim Jung Un said in a recent statement that he would not continue to try to reunify with South Korea and asked for a constitution change to name South Korea their most noted enemy.

Kim Jung Un has made it incredibly clear that they have no intention of restoring peace with South Korea and that they will continue building their military and offensive strategies.

On Sunday North Korea performed its first missile test, and it included testing of new aircraft. These aircraft are considered “solid-fuel intermediate-range missiles, tipped with a hypersonic warhead.”

South Korea has said that Kim Jong Un’s nuclear ambitions are a “threat to peace in the Korean Peninsula and the world.”

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