North Korea Goes Nuclear, Again

North Korea Goes Nuclear, Again

( – Minimizing the number of nuclear weapons in the hands of America’s enemies is a task typically near the top of a president’s to-do list. Since 2018, one nuclear reactor in Yongbyon, North Korea, has been inactive, so President Joe Biden had negotiations with Pyongyang on the backburner. However, a new UN report shows it may be up and running again.

On Friday, August 27, the International Atomic Energy Agency reported “indications” a plutonium-producing reactor in Yongbyon has been up and running since early July. The agency called the news “deeply troubling.”

The Wall Street Journal shared a photo of the reactor:

A senior Biden administration official emphasized that the US will have to engage in “dialogue and diplomacy” to “achieve the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.” However, between President Biden’s inability to negotiate another nuclear deal with Iran and his complete incompetency with the situation in Afghanistan, few Americans have hope he will be able to keep North Korea in line.

Siegfried Hecker, an expert on North Korea’s nuclear program, estimates the nation has between 20 to 60 plutonium and uranium-based nuclear weapons. If this reactor is up and running again, the country could raise those numbers even higher. Hopefully, President Biden can muster up some backbone to face North Korea’s threats.

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