North Korea Makes Moves to Obtain First Ever Nuclear Submarine

( – North Korea’s state-controlled news agency KCNA reported on September 8 that the communist regime had deployed its first nuclear submarine. The report pointed out that dictator Kim Jong Un decided to take this step to increase Pyongyang’s presence in the Sea of Japan, which is located in a strategic area near the Korean peninsula. The report also pointed out that North Korean officials expect this to send a message to “Western foes.”

According to the KCNA, Kim attended the submarine’s launch ceremony and delivered a speech where he said this would be the beginning of a “new era” for North Korea. The communist dictator also told the crowd that it was a priority for his government that the nation’s navy be “nuclear-equipped,” and promised that he would deploy more vessels with nuclear weapons to North Korea’s armed forces.

The News agency said that the ceremony of this submarine launching represented a turning point not only for Pyongyang but also for the Korean Peninsula and even Asia. Finally, the KCNA said this would enhance the power of the country’s naval force, and revealed that the submarine will be named Hero Kim Kun OK, in honor of one of the nation’s most important “historical figures.”

As reported by Reuters, political analysts started to see some signs about the construction of a new submarine back in 2016. The news agency pointed out that the KCNA published a video in 2019 of the communist dictator inspecting a submarine that was grabbing his “special attention.” It also noted that numerous pictures taken of a shipyard in North Korea that same year suggested that the submarine in question could be capable of using nuclear weapons.

Following the KCNA report, a senior research fellow for the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance named Tal Inbar posted some photos of the North Korean new submarine. In the post, Inbar explained that the submarine has room for numerous cruise and ballistic missiles, and pointed out that it could launch missiles anytime soon.

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