North Korea Throws The First Punch !

US Goes After North Korea After Ballistic Missile Launch

US Goes After North Korea After Ballistic Missile Launch

( – North Korea ramped up missile testing at the beginning of 2022. In fact, the foreign country launched more of the devices in January alone than it did all throughout 2021. Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un has also remained defiant in the face of pressure from the US and its allies, who continue to work to limit the nation’s access to ballistic and nuclear weapons. US officials were forced to respond yet again after North Korea launched a prohibited projectile over Japan earlier this week.

The test was reportedly North Korea’s longest-ranging exercise yet, with missiles capable of reaching the US territory of Guam or further. The October 4 missile ended up landing harmlessly in the Pacific Ocean.

Officials in Japan responded to the test by urging citizens to seek shelter while also halting trains across the country. Japan last issued a warning of this nature in 2017, when a similar incident took place.

American officials issued a response strongly condemning the DPRK’s actions shortly after the test. The White House statement from National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson noted that US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan met with counterparts in South Korea and Japan to discuss the matter. Watson said the US would continue to work with its allies and partners in the United Nations to limit North Korea’s development of prohibited weapons.

In a collaborative show of force, the US and South Korea also sent fighter jets to attack a target in a group exercise within the Yellow Sea.

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