Northern States Seeing Influx of Migrants Heading to Canada

( – In the United States, we’ve seen a growing concern around the current border crisis and border control issues, but one new finding that we’ve seen is that migrants are beginning to move north.

There have been many border crossings into New York, New Hampshire, and Vermont from Canada. There were more than 12,000 migrants who were apprehended while trying to cross from Canada illegally. It has been said that about 70% of the border crossings have happened along the 295-mile Swanton Sector that includes New York, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

In that particular sector, it’s said that more than 3,000 people have been apprehended since October. Experts say that those coming from Mexico are taking planes to Toronto or Montreal and then crossing into the United States through the Northern border instead of the Southern Border as they have a better chance of getting in.

The Canadian border is much longer than the border of Mexico and so the ports are sometimes understaffed, which makes it harder to combat the migrants that are coming in.

New York Assemblyman Billy Jones, who represents Clinton County, said “The northern border has pretty much been ignored.” He continued, saying that the government was “failing on immigration, and they’re failing the people that live along the border.”

Many have spoken out from these northern states saying that they are seeing a lot of these migrants coming into their states and cities. Some have seen migrants walking through their backyards, across fields, and lugging suitcases on backroads. Others have seen them seek shelter in barns or garages.

Citizens and officials are looking for help in their states to combat migrants. They have announced that a potential bill might be passed that allows landowners to put up “no trespassing” signs so that if migrants were found on their property they could be properly apprehended and potentially charged for “criminal trespassing.”

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