Notorious Inhumane Government Experiments

Inhumane Experiments That Were Run By the US Government

( – Coming to terms with one’s past is a healthy step to move towards a more fulfilling life. The same can be said about our nation. Citizens must understand the intricacies of US history and how the government has not always looked out for the good of humanity in order to make our nation better and prevent such atrocities from happening again.

In 1932, the US Public Health Service wanted to study what would happen if syphilis went untreated in men. So, it took 399 black men and told them they were being treated for “bad blood,” but they were never actually given treatment. The participants were not offered penicillin, even after it was discovered to be a solid treatment for syphilis in 1943. Eventually, in 1972, a story about the study — the Tuskegee Experiment — was published and the government began attempting to make amends for what it did.

In a similar vein, from 1951 to 1958, the US conducted an enormous amount of nuclear tests in Nevada. The radiation fallout from the tests spread thousands of miles by wind, exposing millions of people in our nation to radiation. One architect shared photos from a New Yorker article describing the scene:

In another heinous act, the US Army conducted experiments with mustard gas and lewisite on US soldiers during World War II and separated them by race if there were different effects. Specifically, they tested African-Americans, Japanese-Americans, and Puerto Ricans. Eventually, an NPR investigation brought the experiments to light.

These are just a few of the inhumane experiments run by the US government, and to think more will not be exposed as time ticks on is highly unlikely. But, learning from a nation’s past is the best way to move forward towards a healthier tomorrow.

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