NPR Drops Patriotic Tradition, Replaces It With Discussion on Equality

NPR Drops Patriotic Tradition, Replaces It With Discussion on Equality

NPR Desecrates Independence Day With The Most Woke Thing You Ever Heard

( – The Fourth of July gives Americans a chance to celebrate the birth of their nation. Even so, while many observed the US’ 246th birthday, others decided to berate and bash their country instead. Big-name influencers like Kim Kardashian joined in on the action, as did several media outlets, including National Public Radio (NPR), which has a history of patriotic traditions — just not this year.

Traditionally, NPR reads the Declaration of Independence on July 4. This year was different, with the public media broadcaster deciding to do away with the yearly commemoration and replace it with a discussion on the meaning of equality. Fox News noted that NPR has carried on the practice of reading the Declaration of Independence for 33 years on its “Morning Edition.” That streak of patriotism has come to an abrupt end to please the woke mob.

NPR had continued the tradition up until last year, though spokespeople also talked about how flawed the founding document was and accused it of containing “deeply ingrained hypocrisies,” according to Fox News. Wokeism has poisoned patriotism, leading influencers to direct their followers not to take pride in the US.

Independence Day isn’t about individual rights, it’s about the birth of the United States of America. The country might have a troubled history, but that doesn’t mean people can’t be proud of what it has accomplished.

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