NPR Gets Called Out for Leaving Out Pro-Life Voices

NPR Gets Called Out for Leaving Out Pro-Life Voices

Liberal Media Conveniently Leaves Out Key Voices In Abortion Arguments

( – Abortion is a hotly debated topic in the United States. The recent leak of a Supreme Court draft opinion, which could mean a reversion of rights to the states over how American women get abortions, has brought the issue back into the spotlight and under a microscope. Mainstream media reps seem to be pushing pro-abortion ideologies, which one person has called them out for, claiming they’ve left out pro-life opinions.

Father James Martin, a pro-life Jesuit priest, recently mentioned how he had been traveling a lot to care for a sick family member and had been listening to National Public Radio (NPR) extensively. In his thread on Twitter, the priest noted there had been a lot of talk about abortion on the station — but, he asserted, there wasn’t much representation for pro-life advocates.

Father Martin urged NPR to offer more balanced coverage of the abortion issue, declaring of the hours he’s listened to the station, he hasn’t heard any argument against abortion.

Unfortunately, this has become a pretty common practice among mainstream media companies. They’ve become one-sided, often left-leaning, and therefore they prefer to talk only about what they believe in rather than have debates. Father Martin asserted NPR should have these debates, allowing respectful and logical arguments from both sides of the issue.

Do you feel he’s right? Abortion is a big issue. Wouldn’t it be fair to get all the necessary information before deciding one way or another?

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