NPR Reporter Forced to Delete Post After Idiotic Claim

NPR Reporter Forced to Delete Post After Idiotic Claim

( – Journalists in America do their job to report facts and stories as they come, and often end up in some stressful situations. But, most don’t experience life-threatening danger in their day-to-day work. One NPR reporter, though, thinks her job is particularly dangerous and came under scrutiny this week after she tweeted about a new bulletproof vest she ordered.

On Tuesday, May 4, NPR’s national correspondent for the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast US, Sarah McCammon, tweeted that the bulletproof vest she “may need to be a journalist in America” came in the wrong size. She quickly faced backlash for her tweet from both veterans and reporters. Former Army Special Forces soldier Jim Hanson shared some data on her claim, calling her out for her offensive words:

Hanson was only one of many who called McCammon out for her statement that insulted our soldiers and police officers who actually do need to wear bulletproof vests every day in order to keep our nation safe. This story serves as another reminder to think twice before you say something, especially if you’re going to put it on the internet.

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