Nuclear Plant Shut Down After Spike in Radioactivity

Nuclear Shut Down After Spike in Radioactivity

( – Nuclear power is a fascinating technology with the ability to create enormous amounts of carbon-free energy. However, with such a tricky and volatile fuel source, nuclear power plants must be engineered and maintained with utmost care in order to keep the surrounding population safe. In a scary announcement, a Chinese nuclear power plant has shut down to repair its nuclear plant after damage and excess radiation were discovered.

On Friday, July 30, the China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) announced that its Taishan plant in Guangdong province will temporarily shut down for “maintenance” on its fuel rods. Just 80 miles west of Hong Kong, the province has 115 million residents near the damaged plant.

Radio France Internationale shared how the damage was first detected:

This announcement came about a month after CNN reported that the French energy company EDF, which helps operate the Taishan site, had reached out to the US for assistance in dealing with a reported leak at the plant. CNN’s report also highlighted that EDF believes that China was trying to downplay the levels of radiation found outside the facility.

While this radiation leak and fuel rod damage did not escalate to an emergency situation, it’s still scary to witness. Right now, the Taishan power plant is the only one of its kind, but plans are in the works to create more. However, after this incident, some companies may be second-guessing that decision.

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