Nursing Home Voter Fraud Spurs Criminal Charge Recommendation

Nursing Home Voter Fraud Spurs Criminal Charge Recommendation

( – Racine County, Wisconsin Sheriff Christopher Schmaling is asking District Attorney Patricia Hanson to file felony charges against five Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) members. The official request stems from an ongoing investigation into allegations of voter fraud in a Mount Pleasant nursing home that initially came to light last year but more recently last week.

Case History

Schmaling claims WEC members violated both the law and residents’ rights by voting to ban Special Voting Deputies (SVDs) from entering care facilities due to the COVID-19 pandemic. SVDs are elected officials and neutral third parties who visit care facilities and directly aid residents in exercising their right to vote.

A memo issued by State Representative Janel Brandtjen back in February 2021 supports Schmaling’s accusations, warning then that the WEC’s decision to withdraw access to SVDs could leave vulnerable seniors at risk of voter coercion. She also implored the WEC to “follow the law,” insisting that older residents deserved proper oversight.

Schmaling suggests that concern did come to fruition. A Dropbox presentation lays out a timeline of how the situation unfolded, despite raising more questions than answers in certain areas.

The document suggests Shirley, a resident of Ridgewood Care Center, voted absentee on September 22, 2020. Her daughter, Judy, later reported that she passed away just under one month later, on October 09. Records show Shirley’s ballot was officially counted on November 03 despite her death.

On Nov 24, Judy filed an affidavit with the WEC claiming that care facility workers took advantage of her ailing mother’s cognitive dysfunction. The bereaved daughter accused staff members of filling out the ballot on Shirley’s behalf and sending it in.

By December 08, 2020, local officials had referred Judy’s complaint to the Racine County District Attorney’s office. That’s when Sheriff Schmaling took the lead.

The Argument

The Racine County officials who argue that the WEC broke the law by banning SVDs in nursing homes base their decision on Constitutional law — specifically, Article II, Section 1, paragraph 2 and Article II, Section 1, paragraph 2.

Both of these entries specify that only state legislatures have the power to set or change election process standards, including how, when, and where citizens can vote.

In their eyes, WEC violated the Constitution by taking that power into their own hands. Judy’s accusations of coercion at the hands of nursing home staff just happen to serve as an excellent example of why such statutes exist.

The WEC, despite everything, isn’t ready to admit any wrongdoing. In a statement released on October 28, Commission Chair Ann Jacobs entirely dismissed Sheriff Schmaling’s accusations. She feels that failing to change the SVD process would have left most residents unable to vote at a time when nursing homes were only allowing in essential workers.


Racine County officials originally asked Attorney General Jeff Kaul to launch a statewide investigation just last week. The AG allegedly not only declined but also refused to allow the Sheriff’s department to brief him on the subject at all.

Schmaling now says the decision to push for felony charges directly responds to the AG’s silence. He explicitly names Commissioners Margaret Bostlemann, Julie Glancey, Ann Jacobs, Dean Knudson, and Mark Thomson in the official request.

Kaul, however, wasn’t entirely absent from the conversation. He labeled Schmaling’s demands a “disgraceful publicity stunt” and an “abuse of authority” during a November 3 interview with CBS 58. District State Senator Chris Larson, who also spoke with reporters, labeled Schmaling a “clown,” accusing him of disparaging democracy.

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