NY Governors WARCHEST Has A Suspicious Source

Gov Hochul Builds Her Campaign Warchest On The Backs Of Taxpayers

Gov Hochul Builds Her Campaign Warchest On The Backs Of Taxpayers

(AmericanProsperity.com) – New York’s former leader, Andrew Cuomo (D), stepped down nearly a year ago, but his successor has had issues of her own. New York’s current governor, Kathy Hochul (D), has taken over 200 flights on the state’s dime since taking office. All those trips added up means the governor spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money. This gross overspending is just one example of how she has used taxpayer money to fund her reelection campaign.

Hochul has a long list of expensive flights, and she’s found a way out of reimbursing the state for all of them. The Democrat made a trip to Queens on a helicopter, costing $2,500 to announce a temporary suspension of New York’s gas tax. However, the governor also worked in some campaign-oriented events, such as fundraisers and a ribbon cutting ceremony in Queens, that same day.

If she only did the political events, Hochul would be obligated to pay the state back. The Democrat’s team has defended her actions, claiming they were part of doing her job. The governor is saving her campaign several grand by finding excuses to not reimburse the public for her travel.

Hochul has secured major donations from the likes of Charlie Tebele, whose company charged New York outrageous prices for COVID-19 testing equipment, only to turn around and donate $300,00 to the governor’s reelection efforts. The act is just one more example of the Democrat taking advantage of state taxpayers while boosting her campaign.

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