NY Hero Murdered – Colleagues Give Her A Heroes Goodbye

NY Hero Laid To Rest

NY Hero Laid To Rest

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Loved ones and colleagues honored a veteran first responder on October 5 during a burial ceremony befitting the hero she was. The FDNY paramedic was brutally stabbed in Queens while stopping for food during her lunch break. Her family and thousands of fellow first responders said their goodbyes while those who knew her best shared words about the kind and courageous soul they’d lost far too soon.

Lt. Alison Russo-Elling worked for the FDNY for 25 years. The 61-year-old was only six months away from retiring when the attack occurred. Her father, Frank Fuoco, spoke out against the murderer, noting his daughter would have been “the first one to come to his aid if he ever needed help.”

Authorities charged Peter Zisopoulos, a 34-year-old man with no previous arrest history, with the brutal murder. The suspect, who admitted to the senseless crime, hasn’t offered any motive. A good Samaritan who witnessed the attack chased the man to his apartment, where police later apprehended him.

Russo-Elling served as a paramedic in over 25,000 emergency calls. She was also a first responder at the World Trade Center after terrorists attacked the United States on 9/11. FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh said the hero never shied from danger and saved many lives throughout her career.

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