NY Republicans Want George Santos to Resign

NY Republicans Want George Santos to Resign

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Representative George Santos (R-NY) may have run a successful campaign to flip his seat red, but he lied to voters and sponsors in order to do it. The New York Republican has faced criticism from Democrats, who even filed a complaint to the Ethics Committee against him. Now, Santos is facing calls from members of his own party to resign.

A number of GOP officials in Nassau County, New York have come together to call for Santos to step down from his position. The push stems from revelations that the representative lied about several aspects of his past. Apart from the harsh criticism the Republicans had for the fresh Representative of New York’s 3rd Congressional District, those calling for him to step down also threatened to kneecap his local support system.

Bruce Blakeman, Nassau County Executive, joined “Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning” to discuss his feelings about Santos. The executive declared that the newly sworn-in legislator was a “stain on the House of Representatives” and his congressional district. Representative Anthony D’Esposito of the neighboring district also called for his colleague to resign according to POLITICO. Another newly elected member of the House and New York’s outgoing GOP Chair, Nick Langworthy, echoed those feelings, adding Santos needed to go.

Santos took to Twitter to express his feelings about the situation. The New York Republican noted he’s upset that local offices were unwilling to work with him. Santos asserted that his constituents, not his party or politicians, elected him to serve them and the 3rd Congressional District, adding that he remains committed to doing that. The New York congressman declared he will not be resigning.

Other GOP members in the lower chamber of Congress stopped short of urging Santos to resign. Instead, many of them elected to let the Ethics Committee handle the congressman. Representative Richard Hudson (R-NC) even declared Santos was “innocent until proven guilty.”

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