NY Times Upset at DeSantis

NY Times Upset at DeSantis

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has become a household name for Republicans across the country. DeSantis has been able to build his reputation without having to work with corporate media sources such as the New York Times (NYT). Instead, the Florida Republican has stuck with conservative outlets, and the mainstream media hates him for it.

The NYT recently published an article complaining that DeSantis wasn’t making time to speak with “nonpartisan national news.” NYT mentions that despite the governor’s hesitance to speak with mainstream media, the Republican leader was still able to easily win his reelection campaign.

The outlet noted that while DeSantis didn’t grant any interviews outside conservative sources, he was more than happy to speak with right-leaning outlets such as Fox News. Nick Iarossi, a longtime supporter of DeSantis, explained that at one time, candidates wanted to get as much media attention as they could to get their message out. However, Iarossi claims such is not the case anymore, noting that candidates have realized they can control their messaging and do so through the outlets of their choosing.

The message the NYT appeared to relay was that without mainstream media sources like itself, DeSantis and other Republicans wouldn’t get the broad influence they’d need to win a presidential election. The outlet noted that conservative podcasts and right-leaning services, which it admitted were becoming increasingly popular, wouldn’t be enough to propel a candidate past the primaries. NYT asserted the candidates needed to utilize traditional cable and broadcast networks to appeal to moderates and independents.

However, as Nick Nolte of Breitbart News mentions, Republicans are only hurting themselves when they go on CNN, NYT, CBS, and other “nonpartisan” outlets by allowing the left-leaning media to essentially interrogate them on national TV. DeSantis and other Republicans are apparently beginning to realize they no longer need mainstream media, and outlets like NYT aren’t happy about being left in the dark.

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