NYC Man Surrenders Pet Cougar

NYC Man Surrenders Pet Cougar

( – A soft, warm kitten snuggled up on one’s lap can be a marvelous thing, and many Americans enjoy the responsibility and kinship of owning a pet. However, one New Yorker took this idea a bit too far and had been taking care of an 80-pound cougar in his small apartment for the past few months. That is, until he surrendered the animal to officials, acknowledging it wasn’t the best idea.

On Thursday, August 26, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) collaborated with NYPD and the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation to relocate the 11-month old female cougar from its New York City home to the Bronx Zoo. After veterinarians cared for the animal over the weekend, they sent her to Turpentine Creek, Arkansas, where the wildlife sanctuary will provide lifelong care.

The cat’s owner did acknowledge to officials that keeping such a large cat in a small apartment was not a good idea — something experts repeatedly echoed after the fact.

News Station KRNV shared a photo of Sasha, the 80-pound cougar, during her weekend at the Bronx Zoo:

While some can understand the appeal of exotic pets, they’re incredibly dangerous and usually illegal to keep. Hopefully, this New Yorker learned their lesson and will leave the caretaking of wild cats to the experts and mother nature.

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