NYC Mayor Calls Out Biden’s Lies About the Economy

NYC Mayor Calls Out Biden's Lies About the Economy

Joe Biden’s Closest Ally Just Turned On Him – Calls Out His Biggest Lie

( – It doesn’t take much for Americans to realize the economy is in serious trouble. Inflation is at a 40-year high, and the Federal Reserve is trying to rein it in, increasing interest rates. Despite the obvious despair the nation is in, President Biden assures everything is fine. Democratic Mayor Eric Adams of New York City (NYC) isn’t buying it.

Refuting the President

According to Hamodia, Mayor Adams recently spoke at a Project Hospitality event in which he contradicted the White House, claiming the US was in an economic decline. Earlier in the day, Biden had declared the US was fine and not in a recession. The NYC Democrat, on the other hand, noted that Wall Street was “collapsing,” adding the US was in a “financial crisis” like no one could imagine.

Not Accepting Reality?

During an event celebrating the revival of his Build Back Better (BBB) plan, the president talked about the new Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, which is really just a rebranded BBB. The top Democrat avoided saying the US was in a recession, seemingly ignoring the Department of Commerce reporting a second consecutive quarter of the gross domestic product (GDP) decreasing, which meets what many consider the definition of an economic downturn.

The commander in chief feels as though his new spending package worth $433 billion is exactly what the economy needed. Republicans disagree, asserting the new spending will only add to the already high inflation rate. The higher the rate of inflation, the more likely the Federal Reserve will be to increase interest rates to slow it down. This could lead to a recession if the US isn’t already in one, as Biden claims. Is the president simply being optimistic, or does he really not believe the US is in decline?

Walking Back

While Mayor Adams may still be in disagreement with Biden, he has toned down his public comments on the matter. When a Hamodia reporter asked the Democrat if the White House was wrong about the state of the economy, the mayor simply replied that the US would “recover.” He added that Biden was the president and that he would follow his guidance.

The NYC leader also mentioned the president would be the one to make the determination of what the nation’s status was and that he trusted Biden to get America through these tough times.

If the US is in a recession, why does the White House deny it? Perhaps the administration is attempting to minimize the damage to Biden’s image and his potential reelection campaign.

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