NYC Mayor Claims That God Is a Woman

NYC Mayor Claims That God Is a Woman

New York City Mayor Enrages Christians

( – For many people of faith, God is the being who created them and the world. While many believers see their deity as inherently male, some feel that God is, in fact, a woman. One of those individuals is running the city of New York.

Eric Adams, the Democratic mayor of New York City, recently held a press conference in which he asserted he was “prepared for this moment,” explaining every skill he had learned up to that point was beginning to come into play. Adams mentioned the “Creator” had put him in his position to deal with everything from monkeypox and COVID-19 to those seeking asylum in the US.

The mayor’s comments came after someone asked if the World Health Organization declaring monkeypox a global emergency would alter the way the city addressed the problem. Adams deflected the question, talking instead about how he firmly believed his leadership in 2022 was part of God’s plan.

The Democrat explained God, whom he referred to as “she,” knew the people would be facing hard times and decided to put Adams where he is for that reason. The mayor insists now is when leadership matters the most. Is the New York official right on all accounts, or will his words do little more than offend conservative voters?

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