NYC Migrants Being Allowed in Schools without Vaccinations

( – According to a Fox News August 30 report, migrants who are temporarily living in numerous shelters across New York City won’t need to be vaccinated to formally enroll in the Big Apple’s public school system. Following this report, New York City officials told reporters during a press conference that these migrants will be offered a timeframe to receive the proper vaccinations after they are in schools.

In the press conference, New York City Schools Chancellor David Banks explained that nearly 20,000 students living in temporary shelters have formally enrolled in city schools since July 2022. He also told reporters that the city currently has plenty of “room for the students,” referring to the migrant children who have been arriving in the city over the last few months.

As reported by the conservative network, every single student that is aged from 2 months to 18 years old who will attend child care, private school, or public school in the city, needs to be vaccinated for a list of different diseases before attending. The New York City Department of Education also said there are some cases where a student is allowed to attend classes if they have already been vaccinated with the first dose of a vaccine required by the school, which requires numerous doses.

As noted in the New York City’s Department of education, religious exemptions for these mandated vaccines will no longer be available. This situation has caused outrage among numerous religious groups in the Big Apple, as they claim this is a discriminatory measure.

During the press conference, Banks also told reporters that the Democratic administration of Mayor Eric Adams is currently working on a “mitigation strategy.” Banks explained this one will prevent migrants from overwhelming certain areas, as he noted this population has exceeded their “fair share” in different schools across the city. Banks pointed out this measure will prevent this situation from spreading to more academic institutions.

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