NYC Twitter Issues Emergency Restrictions As Platform Crashes

( – Twitter CEO Elon Musk announced on July 1 temporary restrictions for the social media platform amid massive technical issues. This decision came a couple of hours after many users around the world started to complain after being unable to access their accounts because of these problems.

In a tweet, the South African billionaire, said that the platform was instating some “temporary limits” on the app because of what he described as a “malicious use.” He wrote that he and his team had to take this step to solve the “extreme levels” of data manipulation and data scraping that that social media platform was experiencing.

The company’s CEO explained that Twitter was going to impose some stringent rules until the problem was finally solved. He said that unverified accounts were now limited to reading 600 posts per day, while new unverified accounts could only read 300 and verified accounts 6000.

Following this announcement, many Twitter users claimed this measure would mean the end of the social media platform, while others blasted Musk. Some company officials justified the decision as they pointed out it’s the only way to address the massive technical issues the platform has been dealing with. They explained that this problem has been caused by numerous organizations that have been scraping data and affecting user experience.

Musk eventually reiterated that this would only be a “temporary” measure. However, he blamed artificial intelligence companies for being behind the “data pillaged” that has been degrading Twitter service for “normal users.” The CEO explained on his Twitter account that small and big AI companies were “scraping vast amounts of data,” and promised he will put an end to this. He then said it was “galling” to be forced to bring numerous servers online in an emergency to facilitate some “AI startup’s outrageous valuation.”

Following the restrictions, many users have been reporting “error” messages on the Twitter platform. Some have even claimed to be unable to access their timelines. 

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