NYT Under Fire for Potential Knowledge of Hamas Attacks

(AmericanProsperity.com) – According to a RedState November 9 report, numerous “photojournalists” were allegedly embedded with the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas during its attack against Israel on October 7. The reporters who were allegedly involved were contractors from some of the most important American media outlets, including the New York Times, Reuters, Associated Press, and even CNN. Most of the first photos that the world saw of the terrorist attacks came from these media outlets.

The revelation raised questions about possible participation and foreknowledge in the atrocities that took place in the Jewish state. In one of the videos published by Israeli authorities about the attacks, a journalist can be seen carrying a grenade while riding with Hamas terrorists across the border.

While AP and CNN cut ties and denounced what was revealed, the New York Times published a statement where it defended the photojournalists and claimed that they were the real “victims.” The newspaper said it considers “untrue and outrageous” the claim that it had advance knowledge of the terrorist attacks or accompanied the group’s terrorists.

In its statement, the New York Times also said it was “reckless” to make these types of allegations because it endangers the lives of its journalists in Gaza and Israel. The newspaper added that it has covered the October 7 terrorist attacks with “impartiality” and “fairness,” and noted that the person whom advocacy group Honest Reporting described as a New York Times journalist was Yousef Masoud.

The liberal media outlet said that while Masoud has worked for them in the past, he wasn’t working for the New York Times on the day of the terrorist attacks. The newspaper pointed out that Honest Reporting’s insinuations were irresponsible and had no evidence to back them.

The situation described by the advocacy group is the second scandal surrounding the New York Times since the beginning of the Israel-Hamas conflict. The first one happened when the terrorist group spread the lie that the Israeli military bombed the Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza and killed 500 people. The liberal newspaper published the story but eventually had to delete it.

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