Oakland High School Makes Controversial Flag Decision

(AmericanProsperity.com) – There’s a controversy coming out of Oakland, California, after Freemont High School flew a Palestine flag on the pole in front of the school. A freelance photographer named Zach Haber snapped a photo and posted it to his Twitter account where it quickly gained momentum and views. The following day the flag had been taken down but the controversy has not abated.

Parents from the school have been making public statements that they’d prefer the school focus on educating the children rather than making political statements. One such mother, Shira, says she is of both Israeli and Arab descent and was upset the flag was flown. She pointed out the students in the district are still behind where they should be academically because of the Covid-related lockdowns. She also noted that if the flag was flying to bring about peace then an Israeli flag and peace flag should have been flying along with it. Shira, also noted the school’s districts violence issues. She said political statements and divisiveness are likely to be even more inflammatory within a district dealing with “violence on school grounds.”

Another mother names Zoya Vies says she left Russia to escape antisemitism and does not feel her six children are safe with such public displays. She said, it’s “very clear” that flying a Palestinian flag on school grounds is definitely taking a position in the conflict. She noted that in her opinion a “humanitarian approach” would include both sides of the issue and should include talking to the students about the hostages being held by Hamas.

An attorney named Laura Powell, re-tweeted the photo and pointed out that California law requires that the flag of the United States must be “prominently installed, displayed, and maintained” at all schools in the state. No other flag is permitted.

The school should likely be more focused on the academic shortcomings of its students. In 2022 students at Fremont High School were learning at a substandard level. They were performing 146.5 points below standard in English and 230.8 points below standard in math. They also have a higher than normal suspension rate with a less than 70% graduate rate.

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