Oakland Residents Want to Recall Soros-Backed DA

(AmericanProsperity.com) – According to a Daily Caller October 16 report, Oakland residents have moved to recall the District Attorney of Alameda County Pamela Price, as violent crime in this city has skyrocketed. Price has been backed by Hungarian billionaire and left-wing activist George Soros over the last few years.

Many residents in the Californian city have created “Save Alameda For Everyone,” also known as SAFE. They have already started to collect as many signatures as possible to place the district attorney on the 2024 ballot, as they claimed that her soft-on-crime approach has made the city a dangerous place to live.

Price became a controversial political figure in 2022 after different reports revealed that Soros was funding her election that year. Over the last few months, many political leaders in Oakland have criticized her as official statistics revealed a 35 percent increase in armed robberies and a 382 percent increase in different types of burglary in the city. This has caused numerous businesses in Oakland to move to other cities.

SAFE’s leader Brenda Grisham, who advocates for different communities throughout the Bay Area, said during an interview with the Daily Caller that the current situation in Oakland is dangerous and concerning. She explained she has lived in this city her entire life, but never experienced so much crime. Grisham also said she has never seen such a lack of care for the communities like the one the current administration is showing. When asked if she’s planning to do something about it, she said she’s going to “advocate for these families.”

According to SAFE’s website, the group will need to recollect 73,000 signatures by March 2024 so they can recall Price. The Daily Caller explained Oakland will have to establish a special election in June 2024 if SAFE manages to reach the required number.

Police data shows 36 percent and 21 percent of burglaries and incidents of violent crimes in Oakland since Price took office back in January.

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