Obama-Appointed Judge to Censor ‘Sensational and Impure’ Evidence in Maxwell Case

Obama-Appointed Judge to Censor 'Sensational and Impure' Evidence in Maxwell Case

(AmericanProsperity.com) – On November 17, President Biden nominated Alison Nathan to the Second Circuit US Court of Appeals. Senator Chuck Schumer had (D-NY) recommended Nathan, who initially gained her appointment as US District Judge in 2011, from then-President Obama. Judge Nathan is currently presiding over the Ghislaine Maxwell case.

Maxwell is facing sex trafficking charges after allegedly recruiting underage girls to work for disgraced financier Jeffery Epstein. Nathan is the second openly LGBTQ woman Biden has nominated to the federal court of appeals.

Maxwell’s trial requires Judge Nathan to interview 200 potential jurors. The defense had requested that certain pieces of information be withheld from the press and the public, given the nature of the material. Maxwell’s defense and federal prosecutors debated over the issue, but ultimately Nathan sided with the defense. In February, the judge ordered the redacting of “sensational or impure” information from the public.

Nathan’s appointment to the higher court came only one week before Maxwell’s trial began. Several critics showed concern that the nomination could sway her decision-making in the Maxwell case. Is it possible that Nathan’s recent nomination to the Second Circuit US Court of Appeals will influence her rulings moving forward with the high-profile trial?

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