Obama BREAKS With Democrats – Surprises Everyone!

Obama Breaks With Democrats' Cancel Culture

Obama Breaks With Democrats’ Cancel Culture

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Former President Barack Obama built his platform on a left-leaning but moderate stance. While he’s no longer the prominent political figure he once was, the retired leader still manages to reach out to his followers from time to time. On a recent episode of the “Pod Save America” podcast, Obama chimed in on several hot-topic issues, but one of his most significant points included advice for his fellow Democrats.

Obama noted the current political and social climate, which has rendered nearly everyone “walking on eggshells.” He called for the Left to lighten up a little, facing the fact that life isn’t always easy and everyone is vulnerable to mistakes. The former POTUS specifically called out “buzzkill” cancel culture and identity politics, which have proven particularly harsh against hapless offenders.

With Democrats claiming more moderate footing, according to Obama, progressives might have more success labeling their right-leaning opponents as more extreme. Issues such as the January 6 Capitol riot and dwindling abortion access could sway voters enough to make a meaningful difference in the midterms, according to him.

Ultimately, the former president feels politicians need to keep working toward “basic equal treatment and fairness” for all Americans — an idea citizens on both sides of the fence can agree to prioritize.

What do you think about Obama’s thoughts on our current direction?

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