Obama Praises Ocasio-Cortez – Insists Democrats Should Give Her Bigger Platform

Obama Praises Ocasio-Cortez - Insists Democrats Should Give Her Bigger Platform

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Former presidents often stay in the political game, and Barack Obama is no different. In an interview that aired this week, the former leader urged the Democratic party to give US House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) more air time and attention, suggesting that she’s the future of the party.

Obama Encourages “New Blood” in the Democratic Party

When speaking with Peter Hamby of the Snapchat newscast “Good Luck America”, Obama reflected on the time when he was considered the “young, shiny cool guy” for Democrats. He compared his former self to Ocasio-Cortez, acknowledging her as the “new blood” in the party.

With this, however, Obama asked the Democrats to give her more attention. During the Democratic National Convention (DNC) held in August, AOC was given under two minutes to speak. But, Obama said she should have been given more time, because “she speaks to a broad section of young people.” To garner their support, therefore, she must be given more of a platform.

Obama’s full interview can be seen here:

Obama Also Discourages “Snappy” Progressive Slogans

While the former president encouraged Democrats to embrace the New York representative, he also discouraged the use of many progressive phrases she uses. During the interview, Obama said the Left should tone down its use of the terms like “socialism” and “defund the police,” as they are “loaded terms” for many Americans.

But, note Obama did not criticize the policies themselves. Political commentator Liz Wheeler lays out precisely what Obama’s agenda is:

What Does Obama Actually Want for the Dems?

Obama may be trying to tone down the lingo of the Progressive Party, but he’s far from supporting a more moderate stance for the Democrats. By pushing forward fresh faces in the party, he’s supporting the far-left movement while trying to give the party a more moderate face.

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