Obama Said Iran Should Be a ‘Regional Power’ and Biden Is Reportedly Making It Happen

Obama Said Iran Should Be a 'Regional Power' and Biden Is Reportedly Making It Happen

(AmericanProsperity.com) – In 2015, former President Barack Obama asserted his desire for Iran to become a regional power in the Middle East. He signed the Iran Nuclear Deal a short time later, which immediately drew scrutiny from critics. A shocking new Gateway Pundit exclusive suggests not only that current President Joe Biden was in on the plan, but is actively seeking to make Obama’s dream come true.

The theory hinges on the fact that Iran often struggles to access the Global Financial System (GFS). In fact, the centrality of the US dollar serves as a serious hurdle for the Middle Eastern nation. Thus, Obama and Biden sought to destroy the American dollar in an effort to make the GFS more accessible to Iran.

Gateway Pundit’s exclusive claims that both Obama and Biden were not only aware of the effects of disrupting the American dollar on Iran, but took a number of steps to achieve that goal. Those measures included actively fighting pipelines on home soil, forcing US fuel industries to struggle, while fully supporting Russian oil and pipeline interests, such as Nord Stream 2.

The writer also points to Obama and Biden’s support for entering the Paris Accord as proof of their intention to cripple the US economy. In the writer’s eyes, the Greenhouse Gas Emissions deal contained within the agreement, which negatively affects many American companies, serves as an effective cover for sabotage.

President Biden appointed John Kerry, the architect of the original Iran Nuclear Deal, to serve as climate envoy for the US in 2020. Part of Kerry’s job is allegedly to remove obstacles keeping Iran from gaining access to the Global Financial System. But just how far does Biden expect Kerry to go to achieve that goal?

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