Obama Urges People To Vote In Wisconsin Supreme Court Election

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Former President Barack Obama tweeted on Tuesday that voters in Wisconsin needed to cast their ballots early in the Supreme Court race that will take place in the so-called Badger State, which could provide the Democratic Party a significant victory as it would gain majority control of the bench in case of winning.

On his Twitter account, the former commander in chief said that even when the election will take place on April 4th, people in Wisconsin should vote as soon as possible to turn the state Supreme Court blue. “It’s going to be close,” Obama said about the election, adding that in order to secure a victory people needed to encourage their friends and family members to cast their votes as early as possible.

Finally, the former President attached a link of a website that allows people to become volunteers with the state’s Democratic Party, which raised criticism on social media after numerous users claimed that the DNC’s popularity is so unreliable that it desperately needs for Obama to campaign and make public endorsements.

The state Supreme Court election will be one of the most important electoral events of the year, with progressive Milwaukee County Judge Janet Protasiewicz facing conservative Dan Kelly, who is a former Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Both candidates will try to replace Justice Patience Roggensack, who recently retired and left the panel’s seventh seat open, with a split tie of 3-3.

Different reports suggest that the court will address some of the most delicate political issues in the state, including its 1849 abortion law, which critics believe should be revoked as it turns into a felony any type of abortion unless the mother’s life is at risk.

While Kelly hasn’t been vocal about what he would do with the abortion ban, numerous anti-abortion organizations have expressed their support for the conservative candidate. Meanwhile, Protasiewicz has said she will support abortion access.

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