Ocasio-Cortez APOLOGIZES After Ignoring These Words!

AOC Apologizes For Not Using Pronouns

AOC Apologizes For Not Using Pronouns

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Social media has given many people an avenue to talk directly to their leaders. One of the most socially active members of Congress is none other than Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). The far-left Democrat recently apologized to her followers after they pointed out that she wasn’t properly using pronouns.

The transgender community uses pronouns to distinguish when a genetic woman identifies as a man and vice versa. In some cases, people don’t want to be called either and prefer they/them. One of AOC’s followers recently brought it to the congresswoman’s attention that she didn’t have her pronouns in her Instagram bio.

The Democrat posted a video apologizing to her followers for not having her pronouns on her profile. AOC explained that they were there before, claiming they must’ve “fell off.” After telling her followers she was sorry, the congresswoman declared she would be returning them in her bio. The Democrat ended her short video with a screenshot of her updated profile.

The transgender community largely sees it as welcoming or an endorsement of their position when a person from outside of their community includes the use of pronouns on their social media accounts or in person. The use of pronouns has become a contentious issue in the US, where many Americans not accepting of the transgender movement sometimes face punishment for not identifying a person by the pronouns they prefer.

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