Ocasio-Cortez GOES ROGUE – Shocks Democrats With Message!

AOC Slams Democratic State Party President

AOC Slams Democratic State Party President

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Preliminary results from the 2022 midterms have taken the spotlight in US headlines, and not everybody is happy with the figures. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) saw indications that her state was losing some of its blue, and she was quick to blame the party’s state leadership.

Ocasio-Cortez felt recent redistricting tipped the scales on Election Day, according to The Hill, an issue she says the state’s leader failed to prevent. The representative also said the heavy lobbying within New York, coupled with the scandals surrounding its former governor, Andrew Cuomo (D), has left a dark stain on the party. Armed with this ammo, she called once again for the state party leader, Jay Jacob, to resign.

Jacob has been on the liberal representative’s radar for some time. Ocasio-Cortez first called for his resignation last year when he offered a hypothetical scenario that potentially overrode the democratic process and would have put a former KKK member as the winner in the Democratic primaries.

Currently, statistics published by The New York Times on Election Day have Ocasio-Cortez upset. The article reflected slimmer margins between New York’s Democratic and Republican candidates compared to the last vote’s outcomes. Even though Governor Kathy Hochul will remain in office for her first full term, the representative feels the numbers reflect a concerning trend and someone should hold the party leader accountable.

Is Representative Ocasio-Cortez correct in slamming the state party leader, or might New York’s issues span far beyond any one person?

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