Official Who Gave Alec Baldwin the Gun Tells Her Side of the Story

Official Who Gave Alec Baldwin the Gun Tells Her Side of the Story

( – Alec Baldwin was recently involved in a shooting on set, which resulted in the injury of the director and the death of a cinematographer. The incident occurred while the crew was filming a scene for the upcoming movie “Rust.” Baldwin was using a prop gun when he fired the shot. The person who handed him the firearm is now telling her side of the story.

The gun Baldwin opted to use was supposed to be full of blanks, which it wasn’t, meaning someone had brought live rounds onto the set. The armorer, Hannah Gutierrez-Reid, claimed the shooting never would’ve happened if the set hadn’t been compromised.

As Gutierrez-Reid discusses live ammo being brought on set and into the filming area, she claims she had no idea where it came from. The armorer alleged that she never permitted or witnessed live ammunition fired out of any of the prop guns. Reid said it’s impossible that any of the firearms were unaccounted for, citing they had locked up the weapons for the lunch break.

In the armorer’s statement, she noted that she was juggling two different duties, which made the job as an armorer more challenging to accomplish. Lack of training, poor weapon maintenance, and insufficient time to prepare for gunfire may have been additional factors. She indicated that due to those and other issues, the production became unsafe.

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