Officials Capture Dozens of Predators During Operation

Officials Capture Dozens of Predators During Operation

Operation Bad Apple Overturns DOZENS Of Bad Apples

( – Members of law enforcement often launch operations focused on certain crimes. Recently, authorities announced their success in Operation Bad Apple, which focused on busting sexual predators. The move resulted in the arrests of nearly five dozen people.

According to a report from the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, Operation Bad Apple, a combined effort of US Marshals and county law enforcement, busted 56 sexual predators. The operation took place from March 28 until June 10. The sheriff’s office specified in its report the main focus of law enforcement during Bad Apple was sexual predators and offenders with prior convictions for the sexual exploitation of children.

The sheriff’s office released mugshots of all 56 of the predators they arrested. Officials noted that all of the suspects are in custody at the Osceola County Jail.

Law enforcement has paid special attention to the sexual exploitation of children through predatory actions such as pornography, abuse, and grooming. The rise in arrests for sex offenders has increased as awareness of sexual abuse has improved in recent years. With the success of Operation Bad Apple, it’s likely there will be more busts in the future, with similar actions likely to take place across the country.

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