Oklahoma AG Moves to Block Catholic Charter School

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Oklahoma Republican Attorney General Gentner Drummond filed on October 20 a lawsuit that aims to block the United States’ first religious charter school, which is expected to get taxpayer funding. According to a Just the News report, Drummond explained that this school would represent a “gross violation” of the country’s religious liberty.

Back in February, Drummond repealed the decision of Oklahoma’s previous attorney general to approve these types of charter schools. The Republican leader pointed out that these institutions would not only violate constitutional rights in the country but also create a “dangerous slippery slope.” While the GOP attorney general says he’s a “strong supporter” of religious liberty in the United States, he said that approving these charter schools would harm this “worthy cause.”

Drummond filed his lawsuit with the state’s Supreme Court against the board and members of the Statewide Virtual Charter School to block the confirmation of the St. Isidore of Seville Virtual Charter School. He stated there’s no religious freedom in compelling every single Oklahoman to fund religions that could violate their beliefs. He also pointed out that the framers of the American Constitution and the people who drafted Oklahoma’s understood that the best way of protecting religious freedom was by preventing the state from funding any religion.

Following this lawsuit, GOP Governor Kevin Stitt expressed his support for these types of schools in a statement, where he said the attorney general was doing a “political stunt” that went against Oklahoma’s law and values. Meanwhile, Drummond responded by saying that approving these schools would force every taxpayer in the state to fund religious institutions they don’t believe in.

The Republican attorney general explained that this legal precedent could force many Americans to fund “radical Muslim” beliefs like the “Sharia law” in the near future. He also claimed that Stitt has already said he would be willing to welcome a Muslim charter school in Oklahoma, funded by taxpayers.

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