Online Dating Comes With A Tragic Side Effect, Poll Finds

( – Online dating comes with an ironic, and unfortunate, side effect, according to a recent poll reported by Breitbart. Young Americans are reportedly confused about the limitless options in partners that online dating provides them with, leading to greater dissatisfaction, a Survey Center of American Life poll showed. 

The survey was conducted in December 2022 among 5,055 U.S. adults aged 18 to 29. While most of the interviewees liked online dating for how convenient it was, director Daniel Cox said that it left many feeling like the relationship was “transactional” or “difficult to calibrate.” 

One 26-year-old woman mentioned how online dating is like watching Netflix—or trying to watch it. She said that one will wind up scrolling through a bunch of shows trying to figure out what they want to see, only to eventually wind up with nothing. 

A 28-year-old man said that the limitless options will make one feel dissatisfied in their partner, as though there is always someone better around the corner. He attributed this reality to the impatience people have in relationships, knowing they can just find someone else. 

A 26-year-old married man reiterated this sentiment by saying that when there are a lot of options, it is easier to move on and advance with someone else rather than trying to make a relationship work out. A woman added onto this saying that the variety of partners makes people shy away from traditional monogamy. 

Online dating is reportedly becoming more dominant amongst Americans, although 76% still say that they have not tried it and would prefer to meet someone in person. The remaining respondents (23%) said they have used a dating app or website. Compared with “Generation Z,” Millennials are more likely to have tried these apps. 

In a Substack post, Suzy Weiss wrote that people these days have been less and less physical intimate with another, with the swipe generation a large contributing factor. 

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