Out Of Work? How to Find the Perfect At-Home Gig

Out Of Work? How to Find the Perfect At-Home Gig

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Many people are feeling anxious to get back to work as state governments across the US have closed businesses to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Some people have bills they need to pay, while others just want something productive and profitable to do with their time. If you’re one of the millions of Americans who were laid off or furloughed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and need or want to work there are options.

Many companies are looking for people who would like to work from home. Most positions are freelance work opportunities where you’re contracted for a specific task. You’ll have to pay taxes on the money you earn, but it’s a little different than traditional employment positions. If you don’t want freelance, there are companies hiring part-time and full-time W-2 remote workers as well.

These remote jobs could simply be a short-term gig to help you get over the boredom of not working or a source of much-needed income while you wait to return to your job. That’s why freelancing opportunities are great ways to supplement your income if your job is seasonal or has a timeline. However, for some people, this may be the perfect time to explore a new career from home.

Know the Language

When looking for a job, it’s important to know the language of the companies that are hiring freelancers and remote workers. Different organizations use slightly different terms. Believe it or not, there are many different ways to say “remote work.” Pay attention to the words being used by companies in job listings and be familiar with what they mean:

  • Work at home: You do all the work at your house
  • Virtual Job: When all the work is done online or in a virtual office from anywhere
  • Work from anywhere: A job that doesn’t have geographical restrictions
  • Agile workforce: A company allows flexibility in work schedule and location but may require time in the office

Watch for Red Flags

There are a lot of scam artists out there that promote “remote work” jobs that are not real. So, what should you be aware of and avoid?

  • “Unlimited earning potential” or “quick money” advertisements
  • If you’re asked to provide your social security number or other sensitive information early in the interview process or as part of an application
  • Paying money to a person or business as a condition of getting a job or receiving training materials

Some Legitimate Platforms to Find Work from Home Jobs

If you’re ready to get your feet wet, here are a few legitimate work from home or remote work websites to start with:


If you’re looking for a W-2 position, Boldly hires individuals to work from home. Company employees are treated as staff and receive company benefits. Full and part-time positions are available.


Flexjobs is one of the most popular and largest websites to find work from home or remote work opportunities. It has a highly-customizable search function to help find the right job for you. While it was mentioned above not to pay money to get a job, Flexjobs is a legitimate membership site, so a membership fee is required. You can pay weekly, monthly, or yearly. There is a 50% discount available until April 30, 2020.


If your background is in customer service, product development, marketing and sales, or other associated fields, Remotive may be for you. It’s a free online job board that is simple to use.

These are just a few options you have. As with any site, do your research, look up reviews and seek the advice of others who may have used the sites, themselves.

There you have it. If you want to find temporary work while you’re waiting to return to your full-time job or you are using this time to transition to something new, opportunities are waiting for you. It might take some persistence and willingness to find the right work-at-home job for you, but there’s absolutely something out there for everyone.

~Here’s to Your Prosperity!

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