Owen Wilson’s Tires Were Stolen Off His Tesla

Owen Wilson's Tires Were Stolen Off His Tesla

Hollywood A-Lister Becomes Victim To TERRIBLE Crime

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Owen Wilson, star of “Wedding Crashers” and “Marley and Me,” likely isn’t the victim of random crimes often. With some gangs in the L.A. area recently targeting the upper class, however, the Hollywood elite might need to be more careful about protecting their assets. In a recent spree, someone stole the rubber right off of the actor’s Tesla.

Wilson had his electric car parked outside of his home in Santa Monica. The actor realized his Tesla’s “rims and tires” were no longer on the vehicle the morning after he parked it. Someone had stolen all four tires off the vehicle while it was parked overnight.

Authorities mentioned there were no witnesses, asserting they’re going to check neighborhood security cameras to see if they can discover who committed the offense. In the state of California, a crime is considered grand theft when someone steals another person’s belongings valued at $950 or more. Authorities can charge suspects for the crime with either a misdemeanor or a felony.

In Wilson’s case, the estimated loss is around $4,000, over four times the threshold for authorities to consider the crime grand theft. Of course, the “Marry Me” actor has more than enough money to replace the stolen items, but the violation of the theft itself is also likely to leave a painful mark.

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