Ozzy Osbourne To Have Life Altering Surgery

Ozzy Osbourne To Have Life Altering Surgery

Ozzy Osborne Gets Life Changing Health News

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Legendary musician Ozzy Osbourne has been rocking and rolling all around the world for decades. Despite his fame and success, the “Prince of Darkness” is still human. As he’s grown older the Black Sabbath frontman has dealt with a number of health problems. Perhaps his biggest challenge is yet to come as Osbourne recently went in for surgery that could possibly change his life forever.

The music legend’s wife, Sharon Osbourne, confirmed her husband of 40 years would be going into surgery on June 13. The 69-year-old Mrs. Osbourne asserted she had to be by her husband’s side during the procedure in LA during a segment on “The Talk.” The TV personality explained Ozzy’s surgery will “determine the rest of his life.”

Mrs. Osbourne didn’t offer many details as to what surgery her husband was going in for but mentioned their 40th anniversary was on July 1, adding that whether or not they’re celebrating would depend on Ozzy and his health. While the 69-year-old didn’t go in-depth about the operation, it’s possible it was for neck surgery as the 73-year-old musician has mentioned issues with chronic pain resulting from an ATV accident in 2003.

When speaking to Classic Rock in May, Osbourne noted that he was waiting to receive another surgery to alleviate effects of the long-standing injury. It’s not immediately clear if Mrs. Osbourne is referring to the same procedure, but it would make sense that neck surgery could potentially be life changing. Regardless, hopefully Osbourne enjoys a fast and full recovery.

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