PA Man Murders Mother After He Does the Unthinkable

PA Man Murders Mother After He Does the Unthinkable

Deranged Man ATTACKS HIS MOTHER – Gruesome Details Revealed

( – The recent decisions of a deranged man devastated a community already dealing with tragedy. After the man’s malicious act of violence, he went on to kill his mother. What could’ve led to the tragic series of events?

According to local reports, Adrian Oswaldo Sura Reyes, a 24-year-old resident of Nescopeck, PA, admitted to intentionally driving into a crowd of people before going home and killing his mother, Rosa Reyes. The young man explained to police he was tired of fighting with his mom. He had gotten into an argument with the woman right before driving his car to the neighboring community of Berwick. There, locals were holding a fundraiser outside the Intoxicology Department for another recent tragedy, a house fire that had killed 10 people.

The young man drove through the crowd, injuring 17 individuals and killing 50-year-old Rebecca Reese. The survivors went to nearby hospitals. Five are in critical condition, and another two remain in fair condition.

The Pennsylvania State Police noted that after the crash, they received a call about a man attacking a woman. Upon arriving at the scene, troopers discovered the lifeless body of Rosa Reyes. The suspect reportedly told them he spotted his mother in the street and accelerated, striking her with the front of his vehicle. He then allegedly got out, grabbed a hammer from his car, and hit his mother in the head four or five times, killing her.

On his way to court, Reyes allegedly apologized. The 24-year-old is facing two charges of criminal homicide. The court ordered that he be held without bail. Reyes is currently in the Columbia County Correctional Facility.

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