Parents Arrested After Underfed Son Discovered

( – A couple in Georgia was arrested after the discovery of their malnourished 10-year-old son, who was spotted walking through their neighborhood looking for something to eat. Krista and Tyler Schindley were both denied bond and will be held at the Spalding County Jail for the time being. They’re charged with a litany of crimes including false imprisonment, attempted murder, and cruelty to children.

The boy was described as thin, with “discoloration” of his skin and “visible injuries.” The court is also alleging “dental injury” and “disfiguration” as a result of the long-term abuse.

Police responded to a 911 call from a neighbor who reported a small boy wandering in their neighborhood on Friday, May 12th. After talking with the 36lb child for a few minutes, it was obvious something was wrong. Officers said the child was going to a Kroger food store to buy something to eat and asked them not to make him go home.

Griffin District Attorney Marie Broder said that her heart was broken after reviewing the case and that as a mother, she had trouble comprehending how someone could mistreat their child. She also commented that the photographs of the child were disturbing, and while they won’t be released to protect the boy’s privacy, they will be used as evidence against his parents.

The child was reportedly locked in his bedroom and denied food, lights, toilet paper, or interaction with people. After investigating, police found four other children in the Schindley home who were removed by Georgia’s Children’s Services.

Tyler Schindley’s ex-wife Waynette said that she had no idea things were that bad at the home. She did report that two of her children that lived with her ex-husband returned to her, the youngest of which was returned to her with nothing but the clothes on his back, and the older one who ran away and found her when he was 17 via social media.

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