Paul Pelosi Narrative SHIFTS After Attacker Caught Carrying This

Alleged Paul Pelosi Attacker Found Carrying Zip Ties

Alleged Paul Pelosi Attacker Found Carrying Zip Ties

( – A man broke into the home of Nancy and Paul Pelosi on October 28, seeking out the Speaker of the House. The New York Times reported that the perpetrator attacked Mr. Pelosi when he couldn’t find his target, cracking the 82-year-old man’s skull and causing other injuries. When police caught up with the suspect, they found him carrying zip ties and other chilling paraphernalia.

Investigators found the zip ties along with rope, tape, gloves, and two hammers. Officials say 42-year-old Paul DePape had planned to interrogate Pelosi about an undisclosed matter. If he felt she replied honestly, he’d release her. If not, he planned to take the hammer to both her kneecaps.

Investigators saw concerning similarities between this most recent assault and the January 6 Capitol riot, during which perpetrators carried zip-ties and yelled, “Nancy, Nancy, where are you, Nancy?”

Nancy Pelosi released a statement on Twitter, sharing that she and her family were “heartbroken and traumatized” over the horrifying event.

Mr. Pelosi remains in intensive care, but doctors expect him to recover completely.

The suspect didn’t get away unscathed. He reportedly suffered “minor injuries” in a scuffle with the speaker’s husband, but police sent him to the San Francisco County Jail after treatment at the hospital. He faces charges for kidnapping, assault, attempting to kidnap a federal official in the performance of their duties, and assault on a federal official’s family member.

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