Pelosi Is DONE!

Pelosi Quits! It's Over!

Pelosi Quits! It’s Over!

( – Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi issued a press release on November 18, which made clear she would not be running again for the role of Democratic House leader. The unsurprising announcement comes in the wake of an attack on Pelosi’s husband, along with news of the GOP taking back the lower chamber of Congress.

In the press release, Pelosi announced, “the time has come for a new generation to lead our magnificent House Democratic Caucus.” She offered a nod to Chairman Hakeem Jeffries, who made a bid for her position. He would become the first Black American to lead House Democrats if elected. Pelosi also named Vice Chairman Pete Aguilar and Assistant Speaker Katherine Clark, who are also considerations, offering a show of support for their leadership as well.

Marking the first female House Speaker in 2007, Pelosi regained the leadership role in 2019. In total, she led the lower chamber for four terms.

Pelosi’s relationship with many Republicans has been shaky at best, with much of the ire stemming from her poor rapport with former President Donald Trump. The Speaker launched the initial investigation against him for violating his oath of office, leading to his first acquitted impeachment. She also led the House in a second attempt to usurp his leadership after the January 6 Capitol riot, after which she established the Select Committee, tasked with investigating Trump’s possible role in the insurrection.

The New York Post reported that Trump, during his 2024 presidential run announcement, told his fanbase that voters had “fired” the retiring House Speaker.

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