Pelosi Press Release on Visit to Asia Does Not Mention Taiwan

Pelosi Press Release on Visit to Asia Does Not Mention Taiwan

Pelosi Reveals Her True Colors As Tour Of Asia Commences

( – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s intent to visit Asia has caused some discomfort, with China warning of a forceful response if she decided to visit Taiwan. Following the Chinese Communist Party’s declaration, US officials, including President Biden, noted it was likely not a good idea for her to take the trip. Pelosi and her team have been quiet on the issue, citing security concerns. Until now.

The Democrat had planned the trip for earlier in the year, but a bout with COVID-19 forced her to delay those plans. The Speaker and her team have finally released some details about her planned visit to Asia. According to a press release from Pelosi’s office, the Democratic leader plans to visit four nations on her trip across the Pacific: Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, and Japan.

As the House Speaker announced her decision to lead a delegation to the Indo-Pacific region, her team left out one very crucial country: Taiwan. The island nation China lays claim to but has self-governed for decades didn’t make the list of destinations for Pelosi. Unless perhaps the lawmaker plans to go but didn’t want to publicly release that information.

The Speaker has decided to visit the controversial island country, and she will be the highest-ranking US official to do so since 1997.

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