Pelosi Pushes Illegals’ Benefits

Pelosi Pushes Illegals' Benefits

( – In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) continues to push for legislation that could provide benefits to illegal immigrants. During a call on Thursday, Pelosi said that it’s “absolutely essential” illegal immigrants get health benefits. In addition, she also called for legislation that would provide direct stimulus payments to illegal immigrants who are in a “mixed-family.”

In a “mixed-family” situation, one spouse is a legal citizen of the United States, and the other is not; or, a child is a US citizen, but the parent is undocumented. The CARES Act that passed in March requires a social security number (SSN) to qualify for the direct payment. Illegals who file taxes do so with an individual taxpayer identification number because they don’t have an SSN.

Instead of getting $2,400, the couple is only qualified for $1,200 or $500 per child in the event the children are US citizens and the parents are not.

Pelosi and Democrats will struggle to get the legislation through the Republican-led Senate. Many Republican Senators are on record expressing skepticism around another stimulus package after spending nearly $7 trillion the last two months to shore up the economy and get people through the pandemic. Around $4 trillion has come from the Federal Reserve and the remaining $3 trillion from Congress passing stimulus packs. Nonetheless, Pelosi is promising to push legislation through, anyway.

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