Pelosi Reportedly Tried to Push Bogus Relief Details

Pelosi Reportedly Tried to Push Bogus Relief Details

( – As the US Senate tries to railroad a $1.9 billion relief package through Congress, many Republicans are pointing out the most ridiculous parts of the bill. The latest absurd proposal was put forth by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who tried to get millions for a project in her home district.

In the COVID-19 relief bill, Pelosi tried to sneak $140 million for a pilot project extending the Bay Area Rapid Transit system from San Jose to Santa Clara, CA. However, the Senate parliamentarian ruled against the project’s inclusion using the Byrd rule, which ensures only budget-related items are included in budget reconciliation bills.

House Representative Ashley Hinson (R-IA) called Pelosi out for her “pork spending” on Twitter.

Pelosi’s proposal will now go the way of the $15 minimum wage proposal and a separate $1.5 million allocation for an international bridge connecting Massena, NY, to Canada, which were both also excluded by the Senate parliamentarian. Hopefully, GOP lawmakers will continue to pressure the Left to limit their bogus spending and instead focus the stimulus relief directly on Americans and small businesses that are hurting.

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