Pelosi Says She Has the Power to Create Jan 6 Investigation Panel

Pelosi Says She Has the Power to Create Jan 6 Investigation Panel

( – Ever since January 6, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has fought hard for a commission into the events that unfolded that day. Her plans thus far have been foiled by Senate Republicans who blocked the bill last month after it was approved by the House. However, Pelosi isn’t ready to quit pressing this issue.

On Sunday, June 13, House Speaker Pelosi told CNN’s “State of the Union” that forming a special committee to dig into the breach of the US Capitol is an “option.” She highlighted that the Senate would have had 57 votes if all in support of the bill were present, just 3 votes short of the needed 60 to pass the bill.

LATimes Legal Affairs columnist and former DOJ official Harry Litman shared just how Pelosi hopes to push her agenda:

Pelosi noted she has “yielded on every point, except scope.” However, GOP lawmakers remain adamant that this political power move is unnecessary with the multiple investigations already being carried out by other government departments.

While Pelosi has not announced anything official about the hand-picked committee she is now hoping to make, it’s looking less and less likely that any investigation would be bipartisan and unbiased. Rather than continuing the witch hunt for accusations against former President Donald Trump, perhaps Democrats should focus on the myriad of issues facing our nation, like inflation and the enormous amount of illegal immigrants and drugs flooding across our border.

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