Pelosi’s House Majority Narrowed Down to Seven

Pelosi's House Majority Narrowed Down to Seven

( – As with any congressional house, power lies with the majority party. However, after the Tuesday, April 6 death of Congressman Alcee Hastings (D-FL), the Democratic lead in the House of Representatives has been cut down to only seven lawmakers.

Understanding the Slim Margins in Our Current House

The House of Representatives is typically made up of 435 members, meaning that a simple majority of 218 votes is usually necessary in order to pass a bill. However, there are currently 6 vacancies after the death of Congressman Hastings, making the number of votes necessary to pass a bill 215 right now.

With this, Democrats can only lose a few votes from their own party before their legislation is stalled. These razor-thin margins mean moderate Democrats have enormous power within their party right now, as a handful of votes against a bill could stop it in its tracks.

Special Elections in the Upcoming Months Will Change the Balance of Power

Special elections will be held to fill the spots of lawmakers who have passed away or were confirmed to serve on President Joe Biden’s Cabinet. On April 24, the first special election will be Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District, which is favored to lean left. However, Texas’ May 1 special election for its 6th District leans right, which will quickly rebalance back the power to its current standing.

New Mexico’s June election will likely lean Democrat, while another blue seat in Ohio won’t be filled until November 2. The vote to fill the late Representative Hastings seat has not yet been set, although it’s likely still months away.

Pelosi Must Walk a Tightrope to Stay in Power

As we have experienced over the past few months, no one can call an election until all the official votes are counted. While we can speculate as to who will win these House seats, we must wait and see.

But, as it stands, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) must walk a fine and not-too-radical line as she works with her incredibly slim majority. So, now is the time for Republicans to rally behind their lawmakers to push back against the radical left as they lose their ground.

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